Video contents are the most consumable and engaging type of content in the world. It has become the most viable media for providing entertainment, telling a story, imparting education, promoting business or product, disseminating information about a new company, product, or development. HappyClips helps you tap infinite possibilities in video and filmmaking.

Our Video Production process starts with your vision and ends with realizing, in fact, exceeding that vision. We maximize efficiency and minimize bottlenecks right during the concept design stage. Till the final delivery, we continuously take your inputs and feedbacks to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Here's the video production process we follow:

Concept Design

We define the goal of the video production. Then, we research and understand the audience you're targeting. We determine the tone and the style of the video, whether you want animated motion graphics or a live-action video. We can even augment the live-action style with animated elements too. We can plan the budget, location, and schedule at this stage.

Script Writing

We write a script/screenplay with an engaging story, believable character arcs, and coherent storytelling. We avoid clichés and draft the script with memorable plots and characters.


It helps the production team visualize how they have to execute cinematography, light and color, and final editing. We can make storyboard mock-ups with sketches, thumbnails, or digital frames.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is mostly famous for explainer videos, ad films & social media marketing, and induction & training videos. We can take storyboard elements directly into theme and character detailed design and then animate it into an intelligible and fluid story.

Light & Cinematography

For live actions, light direction is immensely crucial. HappyClips uses Godox light & accessories that offers flexibility and supreme optical quality. Apart from the video production, the compact LED light source also works excellently in portrait, 360-degree, bullet-time, and location photography.

We not only have the new high-end cameras and lenses, but we also have world-class cinematographers who pay attention to every aspect. Every shadow, every hue, every frame gets captured perfectly. The director amalgamates light, cinematography, location, and art design together.

Voiceover and Sound design

We add voice narrations, playback music, background music, and sound effects wherever deemed necessary. Generally, it's after the director sees the rough cut during the first draft of editing.


We take the raw footage to the editing table. First, the editor prepares a rough cut, followed by a second cut where music and voiceover get integrated. In the final edit, the editor shapes and polishes the video for delivery.

We employ the latest software like Final Cut Pro for editing and Da Vinci Resolve for color correction and color grading.


Once approved by you, we release your video content on the required media in its final format. On digital platforms, different channels have slightly different requirements for an optimum video replay. We optimize the video according to the media on which it is going to be broadcast or stream.