Micro-Budget Filmmaking Package*

500,000 INR For 15 Days**

Ø  2 Set of Camera (Sony A7S III), with

o    Tripod

o    External Monitor

o    Matte Box

o    Focus Rig

Ø  3 Set of Cine Lens

o    24mm

o    50mm

o    85mm

Ø  4 Set of Professional Video Film Light (with SoftBox)

o    Godox VL300

o    Godox VL200

o    Godox VL150

o    Godox LC500R

Ø  1 Zoom H6 Recorder and Boom Mic and 2 Lavalier Mics

Ø  1 Drone

Ø  1 Gimbal

Ø  Post Production: 

o    Editing (Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut Pro) 

o    Color Correction / Color Grading

  • Optional***
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For optional services or any questions, send us a message here.

  • *Accompanied by an attendee
  • **Transportations, logistics, etc., not included
  • ***Additional charges applied