Elaborative Storytelling with Animated Video Creation

With majestic art styles, profound color patterns, and versatile 3D characterization, the animation is the most elaborative medium of storytelling. Animated video creation involves many intricate steps, and optimizing the workflow is of utmost importance for a successful project.

HappyClips offers world-class animation quality that has the capability of enchanting your audience, and communicating your ideas in profound details.


We follow graphic-novel-style storyboarding sessions. We include 2D concept art and develop them into 3D models. Our world-class quality sets us apart from the competition. Each element in the frame will be dynamic, detailed, and at high-resolution.

Visual Development

To encapsulate your audience with our art style, we create color hues, shades, and textures of each character, set, and prop carefully. We ensure that the whole frame looks fluid and seamless in art and design.

Our expert animated movie maker designs every movement and emotion with realism. We aim at smooth transitions from frame to frame to create a movie experience that can outshine the rest.


While doing animated video creation, our artists ensure that every detail looks believable. For instance, the pattern of an explosion, the drift of a car, the sulking of eyes, everything will look natural.

We create detailed color and lighting effects on every element in a frame, to merge them well with the overall progression of the movie. Nothing looks out of place with HappyClips.

Sound and Music

We compose sound and music that help to add a layer of realism to the animation. Sound and music can instigate emotions in the audience that helps them connect with the story.

As a leading animated movie maker, we understand the importance of music in animations and leave no stone unturned to assure utmost satisfaction in this department. We have sophisticated sound equipment and studio to suffice the need.

Contact us today, and tell us your vision. We will help you produce dream-like animated movies.