We Make Bewitching Feature Films

Feature films are motion pictures with a usual run-time between 90-150 minutes. When you desire to create eye-catching cinema for your story, you need a media production house that can resonate with your vision and help you deliver a masterpiece.

Don't look any further, as HappyClips specializes in all-out filmmaking and production services. With a collaboration of talented people and trailblazing tools, we are well-equipped to bring an extraordinary movie to your audience.

The Story Is at the Heart of Feature Film Production.

"Content is King" is true in filmmaking and media production. Therefore, we start by defining our goals and vision around your story. With a collaboration of a prolific team of talented individuals, both on and off camera, we make sure everyone's work contributes to the single goal of telling a marvelous story in the most remarkable way.

Give Life to Your Imagination

Once we do detailed deliberation in the conceptualization stage, from now on, your part becomes easy. Now, we will take care of the rest for you. As a leading feature film production house in India, we will give you the movie that gives life to your imagination.

The Finishing Work

The editing team at a feature film production company is where the actual art takes its shape. Our highly skilled editors and sound designers will give the final touch to carve an elegant sculpture you can adore.

We can further adorn visuals with sleek graphics and special effects. We will also help you with dubbing and voiceovers, if required.

No Surprises

Being a media production house that is here to stay, we believe in building trust and transparency. During our initial meetings, we will determine the schedule and budget before starting the actual production. It will keep you at ease, and you can relish the process of your aspirations turning into reality.

Contact us today, and let's create an awe-inspiring cinematic experience.