Line Production Services: From Inception to Release Date

Line Production involves management of crucial daily operations in film and video making. A skilled line producer will optimize the production calendar to keep the movie on time and budget. HappyClips offer production services that will streamline your shooting schedules, hiring, creativity, and filmmaking resources.

We Assemble the Best Crew

We hire the best talent from leading hiring agencies in the country. Our line production services will ensure that your story is at the center of the whole production. We select proficient actors, cinematographers, and other crew, who keep the story as the hero and give their best performances to match your vision.

We Take Care of Logistics and Legal Permissions

Line producing involves more than just hiring, budgeting, and scheduling:, you're going to create a breathtaking visual impact for your audience.

  • We scout the most desirable locations for your project at the pre-production stage.
  • We arrange travel, stay, and intermediate transportation during the video production.
  • We ensure proper safety precautions at the set.
  • We mitigate every possible roadblock in achieving the best results.
  • We aid in gaining permissions from governmental authorities, wherever required. You focus on your idea, and we will take care of rest for you.

HappyClips strive to achieve the best movie quality, safety, budget-efficiency, and profitability that will surpass your expectations. Contact us today to discuss the most optimized scheduling and budget for your film or video project.