Video Editing: Takes Storytelling from Screenplay to Screen.

Video Editing is a part of the post-production in a filmmaking project, where video footage converts into visual narratives. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that ,video editing is the most important part of a video production process. It can make or break the storytelling process on screen. It sets the pace, emotional-flow, and tone of the viewing experience.

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What is Video Editing?

Video editing is a process in which video footage from multiple cameras, audio recordings & sound effects, and special effects are all arranged and synchronized as a single audio-video representation. The purpose of this manipulation and arrangement is to deliver a compelling concept or a coherent story through a video or a film.

Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut (FC) Pro are the go to software for video editing in a video production company. DaVinci Resolve is another great option mostly used in the final step of a video editing project, i.e., color grading.

Video Editing Process

A Video Editing Process Consists of 4 basic steps

  • Video Assembly - Assembling video files is the first step of a video editing process. It involves taking the video footages from the filming order and arranging them according to the story.
  • Rough Cut - During the rough cut, a video editor adds titles, graphics, and VFX to the video. The audio recording is already with the existing video; however, not polished enough. After watching the rough cut of the video, the director decides whether s/he has to call the actors for dubbing and for what part.
  • Final Cut - The final cut isn’t the end of the editing process; however, a near finished result here. The editor makes the final adjustments and changes to the video clips and audio tracks. A professional sound editor may still need to improve the audio tracks and sound effects during the mixing process.
  • Color Correction - Color correction is used to match the colours of the various shots used in the film, which may have been captured in different locations, under varying illumination, and with multiple cameras. Color Grading / Color Correction is usually the last stage of a video editing process. To know more about color correction and color grading, click here.
Live Video Editing

Using multiple video sources and cameras routed together in a single console that is displayed live on television is what live stream video editing entails.

Live video editing is a far more complicated process than recorded video editing. It requires flawless coordination of proficient videographers and editors.>HappyClips has the best in-house camera and post-production crew to do this job in real-time. We cover live events, and even do live wedding video streaming.

Non-Linear Editing (NLE): The Standard Form of Video Editing Today

In the old days, before computers were widely used in video editing, editors used to do linear editing, from tape-to-tape, manually. Correcting a mistake in this type of editing used to take a lot of time and effort. However, now editors have computers and editing software which has made their work more efficient.

Non-linear editing, aka NLE, begins with the transfer of raw video footage to a computer. After that, the footage is opened in an editing tool like Premiere Pro or FC Pro. In Non-Linear Editing, the editor gets more power over the video. S/he can make a new video file with multiple scenes, organize them in any order s/he wants, and insert and delete them as needed.

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