Religious Events Video Production & Live Streaming: For a Blissful Digital Experience

For many reasons, a lot of devotees cannot participate in a religious event. However, they crave the spiritual power that one can feel at the event. HappyClips creates audio-visual experiences capable of transmitting divine energies to viewers through their digital screens. We make videos that can produce the same ecstasy in viewers as for someone in the live event.

We use multi-camera and light setups and noise-free audio recording tools for live streaming of the events. We use spearhead video editing and sound design techniques for making compelling highlights and trailers. To enthrall your viewers, we can also take aerial shots of the venue where the event is taking place

We cover all the major religious events on videos, including:

  • Sermons (Satsang / Pravachan)
  • Religious Festivals
  • Religious Processions (Yatra)
  • Religious Rituals (Anushthaan)
  • Spiritual Gatherings

Whether you want to live-steam a religious event or want to make video highlights and trailers for a broadcast, contact us, and we will make a holistic plan to cover your event on video.