eLearning Video Production: Creating Engaging Visuals for Education & Training

HappyClips is helping businesses and institutions to create immersive & engaging audio-visual content for eLearning platforms. eLearning video production is the new way in which information, training, and education are imparted to students and employees. However, many different video production techniques are involved in making educational audio-video content. Some of these include:

  • High-end Audio & Video Recordings - Mostly for lecture videos, educational seminars, etc., that need to be on an institution’s eLearning Platform.
  • 2D & 3D Animations - Animations are a great way to teach a process, explain a new protocol, explain a difficult concept with visualization, and much more.
  • High-Resolution Photography - Photographs, related to the subject matter, can be included in live lectures, seminars, etc. It helps the peers get a real look at the stuff they are studying. For instance, a geographical phenomenon, laboratory equipment, industrial machine, etc.
  • 360-degree Photography - It can create a simulative experience for the pupil that can help them thoroughly understand a phenomenon related to the subject they are studying.
  • Voice-overs - With balanced loudness & clarity, we record noise-less voiceovers. The teacher, lecturer, or instructor can narrate the screen-recorded presentation videos or the video footage/video montage.
  • Screencasting / Screen Recording - Screencasting slides can give a more personal experience to the students/peers who are watching eLearning videos at home. They can see slides in full display, while the instructor narrates through voice-overs or recorded audio.
Types of eLearning Videos
  • Short Instructional eLearning Videos - They are mostly made to explain a small, but the crucial concept in a larger topic. Animations are a great way to make short instructional videos. Short instructional videos include
    • Micro Videos - Usually, these videos are less than a minute long.
    • Tutorial Videos - Go-to instructional videos, usually to teach steps on how to accomplish a particular task.
  • Induction or Training Corporate Videos - Video Production can act as a great tool to help your employees upskill themselves (both hard and soft skills), or to teach new protocols, and video representation made for the induction day of the new employees.
  • Lecture/Presentation Audio-Video Captures - Universities and Institutions can record their classroom lectures and educational seminar presentations for their websites, eLearning Platforms, or YouTube channels for students to learn.
eLearning Video Production: How We Help You Make Enthralling Educational Content?

Some of the best video production companies have been assisting educational institutions and individuals educators to reach out to their students using digital-age visual media. We, at HappyClips, not just help the teachers, instructors, educators, and lecturers with just high-quality eLearning video filming but also with things like how to be presentable and engage students.

The video production for eLearning videos follows a slightly different path than the other kind of videos. However, the fundamental process is still the same, viz concept writing, video making, editing, and delivery.

Screenplay - When writing the screenplay eLearning Video, we are writing the placement of voiceovers and visuals to create the desired flow of the educator. Some important techniques to make the video content engaging include - following-along instructions in voiceovers or screen, or interrogative statements to incite intrigue in viewers.

Live Recording - Having a high-end camera, sound, and light equipment are not enough, proper experience and techniques to use them are crucial. At HappyClips, we ensure proper camera angles and movements to have the best live recording. Along with that, we use proper lighting for seminars and lectures.

Guiding the educator - The educator is the heart of an eLearning Video. Our team helps them with suggestions on wardrobe, makeup, etc., as per their comfort level. Plus, we will help them train on voiceovers and voice modulation for audio-video recordings.

At HappyClips, we record both audio and video of live lectures and seminars with highly sophisticated mics and cameras. We keep proper lighting, screencast slides, and edit the whole thing to create a highly captivating visual narrative. We also have the best in-house animators who have experience in making eLearning content. If you’re an institution or an individual educator, contact us today and we will help you make quality eLearning video content.