Understanding Motion Graphics

You might wonder - what motion graphics are? Motion graphics are the video production or filmmaking technique where graphic designs are set into motion. But then, how is it different from the animation? Strictly speaking, motion graphics are animated graphic designs where text plays a major component. In video production, motion graphics is a culmination of graphic designing, animation, and sound effects.

HappyClips Uses Motion Graphics for a variety of video production projects, including

  • Film & Video Title Sequences
  • News Openings
  • Awareness Videos (with claymations or 2D animations)
  • Infographic Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • Digital Marketing Visual Content
Motion Graphics Technology

Have you seen Psycho, one of the most iconic movies of Alfred Hitchcock? The title sequence of that movie is one of the earliest examples of motion graphics in feature films. With the advancements in computer technology, today we have a lot of software for motion graphics.

Adobe After Effects & Apple Inc.’s Final Cut Pro is the most preferable software for producing and modifying motion graphics. When we add motion graphics content from Adobe After Effects to a long-form video, we simply import it to Adobe Premiere Pro and integrate the motion graphics into the video.

Adobe Flash is also used to create motion graphics for web content. However, it can also be used for animated web videos.

Motion Graphics Process

Concept Planning - We meet with our clients, understand their vision and needs, and design a concept of the motion graphics & the video.

Script Writing - For voiceover or screen texts that will appear with or as graphics on the screen.

Artwork - Our designers create eye-catching & influential graphic designs for the animators.

Voiceover - With high-end audio recording equipment & talented voiceover artists, we give a compelling voice to the message and the script

Animation - Our animators set the graphics into motion. They also animate associated characters if they are a part of the concept. If it’s a complete live-action video, the motion graphics are imported to the video editing software.

Sound & Music - We add sound effects and background music to the motion graphics.