Virtual Reality Video Production & 360-degree Photography: For an Immersive User Experience
What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated immersive experience that can be both similar and dissimilar to the actual world. It's a computer-generated world of realistic-looking environments and objects that gives the audience the feeling of being fully immersed in their surroundings.

What is a 360-degree video?

One of the most effective content types for user interaction is 360-degree VR video. It transports viewers to a real-like visual experience, immersing them in a specialty setting. Since 360° videos put the viewer in the heart of the action, they have a high level of audience engagement.

Types of 360-degree VR Video

Stereoscopic VR refers to VR video content that has been captured by camera(s). It can only be viewed with a VR headset. There are two pictures in stereoscopic virtual reality, one for each eye. Stereoscopic 360-degree VR aids in achieving a depth perception and more strongly matches how we see with our eyes.

Monoscopic VR refers to VR video content that is captured by camera(s), and can be viewed with or without a VR headset. A single flat image is projected on a sphere around the viewer in monoscopic 360-degree VR videos. While it is not as immersive as stereoscopic VR, it is more flexible and cost-effective in general.

How do we make 360-degree VR Videos?

360-degree Photography & Videography

Omnidirectional cameras, which have multiple lenses, have been used to shoot virtual reality videos. They shoot from all directions at the same time, allowing for 360-degree filming.

Now-a-days, DSLR cameras are often used for 360 photography. DSLRs can generate images with a higher resolution when compared to omnidirectional cameras. To capture the entire 360 degrees of a scene in one shot, the videographer/photographer can mount a DSLR camera on a panoramic tripod head. It can also be calibrated to remove all image distortion for each lens and focal length.

360-degree Photography & Videography

Colour Correction for 360-degree VR Videos

Colors in VR images are adjusted in post production, much as they are in standard photography or video projects. The purpose is to make them appear more natural and appealing to the eye.

However, since multiple lenses are used to capture the footage in VR, it is a bigger challenge. Color is captured differently by each lens, resulting in colour variation within the image. To present cohesive graphics, the colors must be balanced in specialist VR software like Mistika

Image Stitching

Stitching is a part of the post-production process in 360-degree photography & videography. Image stitching in 360 VR is the method of creating a segmented panorama or high-resolution picture by merging several photographic images with overlapping fields of view.

Due to the multiple lenses on each camera, the footage must be stitched together to produce a unified image. Professional, high-quality stitching creates a smooth, natural-looking video, that is not clunky or disorienting.

Mistika VR is specialist VR software that offers advanced & quick stitching capabilities. It has the Optical Flow technology that can help in fixing stitch challenges from multiple cameras.

Spatial Audio

Use of spatial audio can edify the whole experience. Spatial audio is a full-sphere surround-sound technique that replicates how we hear in the real world. There are two special ways 360 VR videos can create an immersive experience with the audio.

Binaural audio produces a completely immersive 360-degree soundscape using a specially encoded stereo file that must be listened to by headphones. It simulates how sound travels across the head and through the ear folds.

Ambisonics audio, also known as 3D audio, creates a fully 360-degree soundscape that reacts to the visual environment. When you turn your head in one direction or the other, the audio adjusts to match.

360-degree photography & Virtual Reality Video Production Applications

The applications include social media marketing, 360-degree product photography, virtual real estate tours, virtual events, guided tours, and more. Virtual Reality offers real-like remote experiences that can entice your audience. The tools and technologies are there, all we need is human imagination, innovation, and intelligence to build more engaging content constantly.

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